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Serving Fletcher Hills, La Mesa north of Interstate 8, Del Cerro, San Carlos, Mission Trails and Allied Gardens. Others on a case by case basis.

Our Mission

We want to prove to you that you are #1!

You deserve personalized property management services with a proven track record of success. That is why Reliant Property Management is proud to say we’ve never had to evict a tenant we placed in a rental property!

Remember, Reliant Property Management is a family owned and operated company. We do not have a corporate mentality. We are normal, everyday people who you can call at any time.

Most San Diego rental property owners have similar needs from their income property. Those needs consist of an accumulation of steady cash flow, affordable and effective maintenance vendors for the property so that it remains in great condition, and someone who can handle the day to day communications with the tenant(s), manage vendors, and always treat you like you are our only customer.

We know that only after a few months of working with us, you will feel totally confident that you picked the best property management company in San Diego County. With the average home in San Diego County costing around $622,811, you need to know that your income producing property is in the right hands. With Reliant Property Management, you can sleep all through the night because we are on call 24-7. That is just one of the many services we provide.

Don’t believe that we are the best? Please ask us for a reference today! Hear it from an owner first hand.

Property Owner


The following is the process I use to rent your property:

  • Perform a physical inspection to make sure property is in rentable condition to attract quality tenants.
  • Compare to comparable properties to assess current rents.
  • Make an informed recommendation of rental rate.
  • Submit a list of items that may be needed to be fixed prior to tenant selection.
  • Advertise your property in the MLS, throughout social media, and on Craigslist, and show property to tenants.
  • I meet all potential tenants. I want to know who they are and if they are the right “fit” for your property.
  • I review and check out all the tenants’ references, previous landlords, and employment history to see how they maintained and left previous jobs and rental properties.
  • My husband pulls a credit report, state criminal and eviction record, national sex offender search, SSN check and address history search.
  • Affordable property management rates.
  • Timely collection of rent and any other fees.
  • An Owner’s detailed monthly and annual statements.
  • We keep property records.
  • I stay in touch with tenant(s) and owners regularly because I believe communication is the key to the success of a property manager.
  • I contact owners before every lease or lease extension expires for a rental review.
  • I will get owner’s approval for any repairs needed to maintain the property over a cost of $250.00.
  • We use tried and true vendors who charge reasonable rates for their services.
  • We make sure that the property is well maintained.
  • All repairs will be reviewed by me personally before work is approved.
  • I, the Property Manager, am available 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Move-in and move-out inspections documented on a check sheet.

I recommend at least a one-year lease. I use California Association of Realtors (CAR) standard lease forms and addenda.

I provide eviction services which include:

  • Service of notices.
  • Filing, service, and in-court representation.
  • Preparation and filing of Writs and Sheriff orders.

I am a problem solver. Nobody typically wins in an eviction process. Communication and, for example, breaking a lease, provided property is in good condition and rent is paid until property is rented, is at least, one better solution. Protection of your investment and no interruption in rent paid are always most important.

After conducting a brief interview with the owner, both parties come out with a better understanding of the services provided. Reliant Property Management goes through this process to ensure that each owner’s expectations are met, if not surpassed.

Property owner looking for property management? Tenant looking for a good property to rent?

Contact Jean Tebbetts today to discuss your needs. Call 619-206-5822 or drop us a line.