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We are a full-service loan brokerage that gives you a friendly, knowledgeable, efficient service experience. With our wide array of loan programs and lenders, you’ll have the loan that fits your needs at the best rate. Let us be your one stop shop.


A pre-approval is an important step for two reasons. First, it’s supposed to satisfy sellers that you can qualify for a loan and buy their home. But, more importantly, it determines the kinds of financing you qualify for, and how much of a house you can buy. With Reliant, you can hand your pre-approval to your realtor with confidence, for our experience and expertise are second to none. And, you’ll get the clarity and confidence to know that you’ve looked at all of the options; FHA, VA, conventional Fannie and Freddy programs, and others, and picked the one that best fits your available cash, credit, and income. We take the time to explain it, and the whole process so you have a good feel for what you’re getting into.


Purchase Money Loans

Once you’ve found your home, that’s when we shine. First, we can close quickly, and when the listing agent calls to ask who we are, and if you’re truly qualified, we leave them with no doubt of our competence and your credit worthiness, for with our pre-approvals, we look at your income documentation, credit report, and assets, and get online credit approval. This makes your offer more attractive to a seller, and can make the difference in a bidding war. And, we have a wide array of lenders and loan programs to assure you that you’re getting the best loan at the best rate. We work well with escrow, title, and other agents to ensure a smooth, timely close, and we have the experience to handle the bumps in the road that sometimes happen.



When considering a refinance, you’ll want to find the solution that fits your immediate situation, but also is compatible with your long-term goals. With your permission, we’ll get the whole story and, perhaps, give you an option or two you haven’t considered. And then, we’ll find you the best rate and terms from the many lenders we do business with. At Reliant, we’re for you. We take pride in providing you the best rate and terms available, close in a timely manner, and give you regular updates, to take the stress and anxiety out of refinancing.


Expert Advice and Scenarios

Need information on loan programs, or just want to ask a question? Not sure if you want to get a loan, or if you qualify? Have a scenario you want to ask a loan expert or, perhaps, been turned down by other lenders? I have over 30 years of experience in the mortgage business. I can tell you if you can get a loan, and if not, what it will take to make that happen. I always work with clients to help them where they want to go. Click on the questionnaire. There, you can fill it all out, or just ask a question. There will be an option to have us pull a credit report, if you like, which will give us a more complete picture. If there is any documentation you want to send, email it to, or fax it to 619-599-8888. Or just call me at (619)582-1749.

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