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Mortgage Process



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We don’t charge a contract processing fee for doing your loan – that’s a $650-850 savings from dealing with other brokers and most lenders.

The other reason we don’t use contract processors is because we want to see every document ourselves, and solve any problems or ask for more documentation up front, and get the approval before paying for the appraisal. That way, you always know where you stand, and your loan is processed more efficiently.

We often fund loans that on-line lenders and big banks won’t do because we won’t faint if you have thick tax returns, a few credit dings, or a complicated situation. We take the time to get the whole story and, if there’s a loan there, We’ll find it.

We offer Conventional, FHA, and VA financing. Our rates are very competitive and we fund loans within 30 days of receiving a signed loan application.

BUYING? Get pre-qualified with us, and we can close quicker!

DON’T HAVE A REAL ESTATE AGENT? Call Chuck – I can do that too! (except FHA – they won’t let an agent be both the lender and realtor)

As a matter of fact, it’s easier to deal with one person for all of the paperwork. Most lenders and real estate brokerages have numerous people with their hands in your file; transaction coordinators, loan processors, assistants, marketers, etc. Everything goes great until it doesn’t; then getting a question answered or an update can be almost impossible. With Reliant, the broker; that’s me, has an overview of the transaction, and knowledge of all the details.

We can be reached evenings and weekends. No need to let the question fester. Call, email, or text us.

Chuck: (619) 582-1749 email Chuck
Barron: 619-672-4839 email Barron

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